I have read the rules and recommendations provided by the Carthage Historic Downtown Art Walk and agree to follow the rules as outlined. 


For the purposes of the Carthage Historic Downtown Art Walk, the square district is defined as the Carthage Square and one block off from Second Street to Fifth Street and Lyon to Howard and all locations within those streets as formed in a square. As the event grows, the boundaries may expand. Occasionally, galleries wishing to participate may be put on a waiting list as the committee searches for appropriate artists and entertainment.
• If a downtown business would like to host artists in a space that is available for large groups of people to walk through and observe, they can be included in all Carthage Historic Downtown Art Walk promotional materials. Businesses will manage their own gallery and may recruit their own artists, but will be expected to hold the following standards.
• All art must be of a family-friendly nature. No pornographic or demoralizing content. Art that includes mature themes such as nudity is allowed but artists must get permission from the property owner. Venue is required to post “Content includes mature themes including nudity” at the entrance of gallery.
• All artists must communicate with the art walk committee. A liability waiver and a media release form must be updated annually. Businesses should share their artist’s contact information no later than the 1st day of the month of the event or an artist will be assigned to their business. Once artist’s lists are released, we ask that businesses and artists honor the committee’s decision and process.
• All art work should be professionally finished, including frames, mattes and wire hangers. If wall hung art is not presented in frames, it must be displayed attractively and creatively (i.e. clipped to a hanging line).
• If an artist wants to sell work out of a business during Carthage Historic Downtown Art Walk, the artist must return forms provided by the Carthage CVB to the Missouri Division of Revenue within ten (10) days, or all sales must be processed through the business cash register for the business to report. If the artist wants to sell work out of a business at times other than art walk, the sales must be processed through the cash register and reported as sales of the business to the Missouri Division of Revenue.
• Communicate who is exhibiting in your business no later than the first of the month to insure inclusion in promotional materials. Email to wdouglas@ecarthage.com. Artists will be assigned to businesses no later than the 5th of the month.
• To solicit traffic into the gallery, we encourage you keep your doors open and have something outside of the gallery to draw attention (i.e. an acoustic musician, a plein air artist, a street performer, etc.) Please let us know what you plan to do so that we make sure there is nothing competing with you. Plans should be reported by the first of the month, the CHDAW committee will send plans developed to each venue, gallery and artist no later than the 10th of the month. Plans and marketing materials will be sent to print no later than the 15th of each month.



Please be sure and click on SUBMIT FORM below and make sure it goes to a submission response.  If it does not  go, please check to see if errors at the top of the page. There are some required fields.  If you have problems, please contact Koral at info@carthageartwalk.org.