I have read the rules and recommendations provided by the Carthage Historic Downtown Art Walk and agree to follow the rules as outlined. 


• All performances in all venues should include family-friendly content. It should not contain
pornographic or demoralizing themes, and profanity is prohibited.
• We have several areas reserved for acts. A microphone and some amplification can be used, but
volume must be minimal enough to reach the audience without drowning out the other performers
or conversations on the block (or inside venue in inclement weather). Musicians must bring their
own equipment and are responsible for their set-up and tear down.

1. Auditions
• Application for each event is due the third Monday of each previous month. (April 25th

applications are due March 17; May 23 applications are due April 21; June 27 applications
are due May 19; July 25 applications are due June 16; August 22 applications are due July
21; September 26 applications are due August 18).
• Virtual Audition Guidelines: Send a YouTube link or other digitized performance to
wdouglas@ecarthage.com The performance must include at least three minutes of your act
and depict what you will do during an Art Walk performance. (i.e. If you are planning to do
an acoustic set at art walk, the video should not show you playing an electric set.)
2. Live Audition Guidelines: Auditions will be held live by special appointment if necessary.
3. Within one week of audition deadlines, the Art Walk committee will communicate if your
acceptance status.
4. After acceptance, we will need additional paperwork, annual liability waivers and event
5. Tell everyone you know to visit you at Carthage Historic Downtown Art Walk. Contact your
gallery assignments to make set up arrangements.
6. Report event sales within ten days post event to the Missouri Division of Revenue.

Please be sure and click on SUBMIT FORM below and make sure it goes to a submission response.  If it does not  go, please check to see if errors at the top of the page. There are some required fields.  If you have problems, please contact Koral at info@carthageartwalk.org.